Sample Syllabi and Lectures

Below are a sample of syllabi I have developed and slides of a variety of lectures delivered.

This is the syllabus for a course I developed on Social Media and Strategic Communication. The course is a mix of communication theory and practice-based assignments. For the final project, students produce a campaign for a non-profit organization. They must produce a website, video content, press releases, social media content, Alternative Story Forms and a strategy outline. Their final pitches are evaluated by a team of "angel investors" from a leading marketing agency, Ayima. I have partnered with Ayima with their staff providing guest lectures on areas of personal expertise most weeks of the course.

Social Media and Strategic Communication (pdf)


This syllabus is for a course on Ethics in the Media. Topics covered include: the role of the media in society; how media influence politics and social issues; freedom of expression and censorship. We examine the ethics of being a good (or bad) journalist, the commercialization of society and whether social media is good or bad for us. Each class involves a lecture component augmented by student discussion, presentations and weekly examinations of case studies. The students take a trip to a children's marketing agency, Superawesome, and a guest speaker from Spin Brands relates the ethical issues which have been faced by their company.

Ethics in the Media (pdf)


Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Race, Religion and Poverty

Ethics and Political Reporting

The time I ruined Disney for students

A basic intro session on designing a website

Introduction to Strategic Communication

Politics and Social Media

Introduction to Alternative Story Forms

Research Methods - Thinking about research

Research Methods - Literature Review

Research Methods - Building a research design