Teaching Evaluations


Quantitative Results

TA evaluations are undertaken every semester at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The table below compares my mean evaluation scores against the average  evaluations of TAs teaching that course in the same semester. 

The mean scores are derived from twelve questions asked on a five-point scale (1 = poor, 5 = excellent). 

Class       Semester     Hughes mean      TA mean 

J202        Fall 2014                  4.87                   4.39

J202        Spring 2015             4.77                   4.57

J202        Fall 2015                  4.63                   4.47

J335        Spring 2017             4.43                   N/A


Below are samples of qualitative responses from my evaluations given by students:

Overall Performance

"Ceri is by far the best TA I’ve had in my 3 years here.”  J202 Student, Fall 2014

“Ceri did an amazing job. I wish he could be my TA for the rest of my future journalism classes.”  J202 Student, Fall 2014

“Overall, I’m sure Ceri is great. I enjoyed his enthusiasm for mass communication. But I really, REALLY, hated this class.”  J202 Student, Fall 2015 (You can’t win them all).

“Probably the best TA I’ve had in my 2½ years at UW-Madison.”  J202 Student, Fall 2015


”Easy to talk to and he’s approachable…Ceri was awesome!”  J202 Student, Fall 2014

“He just always seemed happy to help whoever wanted it.”  J202 Student, Fall 2014

“I think Ceri’s warm personality and sense of humor made our lab fun. He made sure work was done correctly but he didn’t treat us like children.”  J202 Student, Spring 2015

“Great sense of humor. Really cares about students! Wants them to succeed.”  J202 Student, Spring 2015

“He really cares and he is willing to help you.”  J202 Student, Fall 2015

“He is easy to talk to, fair, presents what is expected of us very clearly and makes lab very enjoyable.”  J202 Student, Fall 2015

Grading and Feedback

"I got great feedback on work. I thought he was fair in grading and made the class really enjoyable.”  J202 Student, Fall 2014

“He was great overall. The feedback was the best part because I learned the most from it.”  J202 Student, Spring 2015

“Ceri is an amazing TA! He would provide great feedback, and he was always willing to help. I am glad that I had the opportunity to take a course with him as the TA.”  J202 Student, Spring 2015

“Feedback on assignments – so helpful, very thorough.”  J335 Student, Spring 2017

“Ceri provided clear, helpful feedback on my stories.”  J335 Student, Spring 2017 

“Ceri was a cool guy and gave good feedback on stories. Enjoyed his insight and advice!!”  J335 Student, Spring 2017

“Very easy to converse with and able to put concepts into modern day examples.”  J335 Student, Spring 2017 

“Ceri was one of the best communicators, as far as letting you know what to improve on and generally trying to get the best work out of everyone.”  J202 Student, Spring 2015

Learning Environment

"Creating a relaxed, yet stimulating learning environment where everyone feels free to participate.”  J202 Student, Fall 2014

“His ability to spark interest and teach different things so easily.”  J202 Student, Fall 2014

“Ceri got his students excited about the material we were learning about in J202…I’ve never learned so much in a class before and Ceri is to thank for all of the wonderful opportunities I was given in J202 lab”  J202 Student, Spring 2015

“Great balance of strict and fun.”  J202 Student, Spring 2015

“He encouraged a lot of participation in discussion.”  J202 Student, Fall 2015

“I think his ability to improve everyone’s writing and teaching us the values of journalism really stood out to me.”  J202 Student, Fall 2015

“He really honed in on how we could utilize our skills, projects, and things we learned in the future. He made sure what we produced could be used to help us get jobs.”  J202 Student, Fall 2015